A notice accuses Mona Mina of doubting the health system … and the doctor responds: “I will not be silent.”

Nwafez Team

Dr. Mona Mina, the former Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate, confirmed that she will not be silent about revealing any deficiencies in dealing with the Coronavirus, or in providing protection for medical personnel.

This came in response to a statement submitted by the lawyer “Tarik Mahmoud” to the Attorney General, accusing her of “communicating with Brotherhood channels to question the health system and the measures taken by the state to confront the Coronavirus, and intentionally publishing false news.”

Dr. Mona Mina said in a post on her Facebook page: “I just want to make it clear that if this notice makes me feel afraid and silence me about reveal ing any deficiencies in the obligation to provide protection for doctors and medical personnel, to track infection anywhere, and to isolate contacts and make analyzes for them, because these are the only way to besiege the infection, the truth is I am very sorry, in this serious crisis that our country is going through, and at the heart of it are the medical crews, I cannot be silenced.


Dr. Mona Mina, the former Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate, had warned of a catastrophe threatening the Egyptian society after new instructions approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health on doctors in hospitals. Dr. Mina said: It helps to spread the infection of Coronavirus.

Mina indicated that the new Ministry of Health’s instructions to rely on “rapid test” instead of the PCR test to diagnose infection of medical personnel, after working for 14 days in isolation hospitals, and before they leave for public life after the isolation period, are instructions that have no scientific basis from the Ministry Health and clearly against WHO instructions.

And the former Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate stated that the World Health Organization confirms that to this day we cannot rely on the “rapid test”.

She added: “Relying on a rapid test before the doctor goes out to the community equals the risk of further spreading the infection among medical staff and citizens, especially as the accompanying Ministry of Health instructions do not leave even an isolation period between the quick test” negative “and the exit of the medical team member and its mixing with society.”

Mona Mina, the former Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate, called for the need to immediately stop the execution of these instructions that violate the scientific rules, and return to the PCR test before allowing the medical teams in the isolation hospitals to return and mix with the community.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Health had issued new instructions on April 18th, to carry out an analysis of the Coronavirus “rapid test” for all members of the participants upon their arrival at the hospital. And in the case of a positive analysis, isolation and PCR swabs are taken.

It also decided to carry out rapid detection analyzes of all working individuals “before leaving the isolation hospital” and in the case of a positive analysis, isolation takes place, a swab is taken and PCR analysis is performed.

This comes at a time when the World Health Organization issued a statement on April 8, in which it said: “It does not recommend the use of rapid diagnostic tests to detect Coronavirus, because these tests may give false results, and may miss half or more than half Infected with COVID-19. ”

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