#Abdul_Rahim_Al_Huwaiti: He refused to leave his home for the project of NEOM, so he was killed (video3)

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Saudi activists launched the Hashtag #Abdul_Rahim_Al_Huwaiti, which had reached the top trend list on Twitter in Egypt, expressing their refusal of the action taken by the Saudi security forces.

Activists and pioneers of social media have accused the security forces of Saudi Arabia of killing the Saudi citizen #Abdul_Rahim_Al_Huwaiti, a member of the al-Huweitat tribe, after he refused to hand over his home to the authorities for the “Neom Project”, which was launched by the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Ibin Salman. “.


On Monday, April 13, the Saudi security authorities carried out a siege on the village of “Al-Khuraibah”, which is inhabited by the Al-Hweitat tribe, in order to displace the tribesmen from their homes located in the areas under the “Neom” project.

Witnesses confirmed that gunfire took place between the saudi security forces and some members of the tribe, which led to the death of #Abdul_Rahim_Al_Huwaiti, after he stayed at his home and refused to evict it by force and forced displacement.

Before his death, Al-Huwaiti documented the Saudi security forces imposing blockade on his house, saying,“ Any citizen who does not surrender his house to them, the Investigations and Emergency Forces will act with him by force. ”

Al-Huwaiti revealed, in another video that he had broadcast before he was killed, that an officer called “Abdullah Al-Rabi’a” came with his officers to force him to leave his house, and they took the measurements of the house, revealing that he possesses a legal deed that proves his ownership of the house and the land.

The videos, which were circulated by the pioneers of social media, showed the moments of the attack on the “Al-Huwaiti” house by members of the Saudi security forces, with weapons and guns.

The people of the Al-Hweitat tribe had refused to leave their land, as it represented the history of the ancestors.

Diyar Al-Hweitat is a village that extends from the coast of the Red Sea to the interior to the Sarawat Mountains, to the east of Diyar Bani Atiyah, and is inhabited by Al-Hweitat tribe.

The hashtag included many tweets denouncing what happened, and here are some of them.

NEOM Project

The Wall Street Journal reported in a previous report earlier the Saudi government plans to move more than 20,000 people by force, many of whom have inhabited the area for several generations, in order to develop the “Neom” project.

The Neom project is based on 9 specialized investment sectors, most notably:  the media production and the future of entertainment.

 An amount of $ 500 billion has been allocated to this project by the Saudi Public Investment Fund. 

In a statement, the “Saudi European Organization for Human Rights” condemned the forced evictions from the Saudi authorities for the members of the al-Huweitat tribe and other local residents affected by the forced displacement plans to establish the city of Neom.

The organization criticized the international companies that help and incite this criminal campaign, calling on all companies to stay away from the project until the Al Saud government abandoned its feudal practices and negotiated with the local population, including Al-Huweitat tribe.

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