Abdullah Al-Hamid: The Word’s Martyr

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Lynn Maalouf, Director of Research for the Middle East at Amnesty International, expressed her shock and sadness at the news of Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid ’s death during his detention due to his peaceful activities.

She added : “Dr. Abdullah Al Hamid was a valiant human rights defender in Saudi Arabia and was determined to build a better world for all”.

And she continued: “We extend our hearts and prayers to his family and friends, who have been deprived of his presence with them, for the past eight years,  as a result of the inhuman repression of the state.”

Abdullah Al-Hamid

And she explained that  Dr. Al-Hamid and all the others opinion’s  prisoners in Saudi Arabia should not have been imprisoned in the first place.

Lynn Maalouf called on the Saudi authorities, once again, to release  immediately and unconditionally all prisoners who were imprisoned simply for the peaceful exercise of their human rights.

Amnesty International said: Three months ago the doctor told Abdullah Al-Hamid that he needed to have heart surgery  as he  was suffering from high blood pressure.

And it indicated that prison authorities had threatened to cut him off from his family if he told them about his health. It reported that he had suffered a stroke on April 9th, though he remained in detention.

“The opinion’s detainees ” account stated on Twitter: “Al-Hamid, aged 69 years,  died in prison as a result of intentional health negligence, which led him to a stroke that ended his life.”

And hold the authorities fully responsible for his death.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid is one of the founders of the “Hassem” reform project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, arrested by the Saudi authorities in March 2013, and sentenced to 11 years in prison, without explaining the reasons for this ruling.

Al-Hamid was previously arrested several times, because of his calls to change the system of government to constitutional, and he is the author of the famous saying: There are neither His Highness nor Danu in Islam.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid also predicted his assassination, refusing to make any concession to the system in the Saudi Arabia.

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