Appeals from Egyptians stuck abroad … and the government requires 2000 dollars for their return

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Many Egyptians stuck abroad sent a distress call to the Egyptian authorities to demand the speedy evacuation of them because of the Corona Virus pandemic, denouncing the unfair conditions set by the authorities for their return.

Egyptian artist Amr Yousry seek, crying in a live broadcast on his Facebook page,the government’s help to return him from New York to Egypt, complaining of the conditions and costs of the quarantine that impeded his return and many other Egyptians.

Egyptians stuck abroad

Speaking about the suffering of the Egyptians stranded abroad, Yousry said: He traveled to New York last month, and he was supposed to return on the 18th of the same month, after which the ban began and the flight stopped, and he had hope at the time that the Corona crisis would be solved by producing serum or medicine, which is what It did not happen and the epidemic escalated.
 The Egyptian artist continued saying: Al-Sisi said ” The Tahia-Misr Fund will take care of the stranded.”
He added, “Please, feel us President … We are stuck here, we want to be back to Egypt … many others like me are stuck here … feel us.”

Yousry’s appeal and distress were not the only one, as other Egyptians were stranded with distress in several countries, calling on the Egyptian authorities to evacuate them, but the Egyptian authorities have not yet responded.
The pioneers of social networking sites had circulated a video in which a large gathering of Egyptian workers stuck in the State of Kuwait appeared, while they were in a desert area to demand return to Egypt.
The video also shows a Kuwaiti officer who attacks and threatens the Egyptians, saying: “If you do not sit on the ground, you will see another treatment.”

In Saudi Arabia, more than 100 Egyptians have been stuck in the Saudi port of Dibba since last March 25, and dozens of others in the Kingdom of Bahrain are demanding their return to Egypt after the termination of their services and the exhaustion of their money.

Egyptians stuck in Qatar also sought help after Egypt refused to receive a Spanish plane that had been chartered by Doha to transport Egyptian workers stranded there.

In many other countries, there are hundreds of stranded Egyptians, most of them simple workers and drivers, while the Egyptian government has not paid attention to them until now but rather increased their isolation by redefining the word stuck that it interpreted with “everyone who was temporarily traveling “.

The Egyptian government had imposed conditions for the return of Egyptians stranded abroad, including: “Paying for the return ticket” in addition to “The costs of 14 days of quarantine stay in the city of Marsa Alam, which is more than $ 2000 in total, and the payment will be in advance, that is, before the rise Airplane and travel. ”

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