Artist Mohamed Shoman holds authorities responsible for his family’s safety

Egyptian actor Mohamed Shoman held the security authorities in Egypt responsible for the safety of his son and brother. Appealing to human rights organizations to quickly intervene to save them.

Shoman published a statement today, titled “Save my family from slow death”. Writing that on February 13th 2020, security forces arrested his son Ahmed and his brother Fouad and forcibly disappeared them for several days, charging them later with affiliation to a terrorist group, and continued to renew their case and imprisonment pending investigation.

Mohamed Shoman

“These arrests are political and revengeful unlawful payback for my performance in the movie (Basbousa Bi Qishta)” Added the artist, “and all the buzz it generated after winning the diamond prize in the European Film Festival”.

Affirming that no one in his family is affiliated with any political body.

Adding: “I hold the Egyptian regime my family’s safety and lives, and I demand their immediate and unconditional release”

Shoman goes on to say: “I appeal to all the human rights organizations to quickly intervene for the release of my family, especially with the circulating news about the spread of the corona virus in Egyptian prisons due to overcrowding, and absence of medical care, and malnutrition, which puts my son and brother’s life at grave risk”. 

Basbosua Bil Eshta

The movie, “Basbousa Bil Eshta”, which starred “Shoman”, caused anger amongst Sisi’s Supporters, for shedding the light on  the tragedies that are the lives of political detainees in Egyptian prisons.

The film won the Diamond Award at the European Independent Film Festival.

Ahmed Moussa, the tv host who’s alligned with the security authorities in Egypt, attacked the movie before it eveb opened, claiming that the Brotherhood produced it in Turkish prisons.

Moussa continued: “The aim of this film is to tain the picture of Egyptian police. and it was shot in Turkey with Erdogan’s knowledge, and everyone will be led to believe that this film was filmed in Egyptian prisons.”

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