Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt investigates the Egyptian Newton

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt, headed by Makram Mohamed Ahmed, decided to summon the legal representative of the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and columnist “Eureka” on behalf of the Egyptian Newton, for investigation next Tuesday.

Al-Masry Al-Youm has published, for 4 consecutive days, articles calling for the secession of Sinai from Egypt and its transformation into a global free zone not subject to Egyptian laws.

Who is the Egyptian Newton?

The investigation decision came after the journalist Khaled Miri, the chief editor of “Al-Akhbar”, wrote an article under the title “suspicious deals”, in which he criticized the suspicious lines of “Newton”, and called on the Supreme Council to reveal the truth of his personality and nationality and whomever is behind what he is publishing.

Journalists say: “Newton” is the owner of the newspaper, the famous businessman Salah Diab, and that other journalists write his ideas in the famous column, and the content of his writings is often inspired by the intelligence services in Egypt.

Salah El-Din Ahmed Tawfiq Diab, an Egyptian businessman, is Chairman of the Board of Pico Group, and is one of the largest trading partners for Israel in Egypt.

The Diab family controls 70% of the agencies of American companies in Egypt (according to the American Commercial Activities Directory issued by the American Embassy in Cairo), as it oversees 43 agencies of American companies, the most important of which are the “Halliburton” oil agencies owned by the former American Vice President “Dick Cheney”.

Kamel Diab, an agricultural economist, established the Pico Company after coming to Cairo from Abu Homs Al-Buhaira, and the company imports from the Israeli occupation irrigation tools and seeds for bananas, apples, and melons.

Sinai Secession

In his series of articles, Newin called for the secession of Sinai, so that it is only related to the Egyptian state in foreign policy, stressing:

Follow a different policy towards the vast Sinai.

Create the position of the governor of Sinai for a period of six years, with powers that exceed the functions of the governor.

Allow the freedom of the Sinai governor to establish the best system of local government that achieves stability.

The function of the ruler is completely independent of the bureaucracy of the laws prevailing in investment and in land use, for example, following the example of successful models such as Singapore or Malaysia.

His good intentions criticized those raising the slogan “Sinai is a Red Line” and accused them of wanting to keep the Sinai deserted and an open playground to extremist groups and suspicious deals.

Support for the idea

The idea was widely supported by the newspaper’s writers, who were linked to the security services, especially Abbas Tarabili, the former delegation leader.

Observers said: The idea cannot collide with the state line, especially as Diab absorbed the previous lesson, when his bedroom was stormed in late 2015, and he was insulted and humiliated with his wife, before the UAE intervened to release him.

While others considered that it comes in the context of the Sinai position in the deal of the century.

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