The Ministry of Interior issues a decision prohibit doctors and nurses of the Police Hospitals from working outside them

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The Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued an administrative order banning the work of police doctors and  all medical teams working in police hospitals from working outside them until further notice.

The administrative decision was issued by the Medical Services Sector of the General Administration for Hospital Affairs in the Ministry of Interior, on the instructions of the Assistant Minister for the Medical Services Sector.

The decision stated the following: “It is prohibited for all officers, doctors, civil doctors, military and civil nursing, and all technicians to work outside official working hours outside the sector during that period and until another notice is issued.”

An administrative order prohibiting the work of all medical teams working in police hospitals outside
An administrative order banning the work of police doctors and all medical teams working in police hospitals outside them

Observers pointed out that the aim of this decision ,of banning the work of police doctors, is to reduce the movement of police hospital doctors, and thus reduce their risk of being infected with the  new Corona virus, after the Ministry of Health announced that 30% of those infected with Corona virus in Egypt are workers in the health sector.

Detached decision


The World Health Organization attributed the increasing infection of medical teams in Egypt with the new Corona virus to their frequent movement to hospitals and other workplaces throughout the day, noting that all hospitals are required to be equipped and prepared and their staff is complete.

The decision of the Ministry of Interior was issued separately from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which has not yet issued a similar decision stating that each doctor must work in only one hospital.

The Medical Syndicate in Egypt has announced the death of 3 doctors and the infection of at least 43 other doctors with the new Corona virus Cov-19.

The Head of the Nursing Syndicate in Egypt, Kawthar Mahmoud, also announced last Monday that the number of those infected with “Corona” virus reached 22 cases during the last period.

And she  confirmed that the data for the injured is still being fully updated to identify their locations and confirm the current number.

At the same time, the Egyptian Medical Syndicate again called on the Ministry of Health to announce the health status of doctors and medical staff as is the case in other countries, and to provide the Syndicate with the data of the infected doctors instantly so that the syndicate can perform its syndical duty towards their families.

The syndicate called on all the responsable and competent authorities to follow up on the provision of all prevention requirements in all medical facilities, and to emphasize the accuracy of their use, and to make the necessary surveys for those who are in contact with them for positive cases ,quickly, in application of the scientific protocols.

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