#The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal topping the trend .. and tweeters: combining corruption, ignorance and hostility to Islam

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The hashtag #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal, which was launched by social media pioneers in Egypt, has reached the top trend list on Twitter.

The tweeters launched a scathing attack on the Minister of Awqaf Muhammad Mukhtar Juma, accusing him of ignorance, corruption and anti-Islam, especially after his recent statements banning the broadcasting of the Quran before the call to Maghreb prayer in the mosques or hanging Ramadan decorations on minarets.



Among those tweets, Jihan Anwar said: I prevented praying in mosques because of limiting the spread of the corona virus .. We said we fill our homes with faith and the blessing of prayer in them as a group and as a family, but what damage can happen from broadcasting the Quran before the call to Maghreb prayer in the mosques as usual in the Holy Month !! This statement must be interpreted because it is very strange that it came from an official. #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

Jihan Anwar's tweet
Jihan Anwar’s tweet

Ironically, Janab al-Komandah al-mouhem said: The issue of mosques terrifies him. #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

 Janab al-Komandah al-mouhem's tweet
Janab al-Komandah al-mouhem’s tweet

Ahmed asked: Who are these people? #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

Ahmed's tweet
Ahmed’s tweet

Amr Rashid added, “Abu Lahab is more merciful than him a little.” #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

Amr Rashid's tweet
Amr Rashid’s tweet

The journalist Haitham Abu Khalil said:

Monster you will not find anyone like him

He can disavow his religion

And from his country and even from his family

In order to satisfy the officer who is employed ..#The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

Haitham Abu Khalil's tweet
Haitham Abu Khalil’s tweet

Ahmed Zaidan tweeted: #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal  Isn’t  Muezzin who will make the call to prayer in the mosque, the same one who will open the Quran Radio on the microphones? Or will this bring corona? If anyone understood how this decision was made!

Ahmed Zaidan's tweet
Ahmed Zaidan’s tweet

Moaz Samir said: #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal The first time I am really convinced that this is a war against religion and that there is an exploitation of circumstances to erase worship and religiosity … God protect us

Moaz Samir's tweet
Moaz Samir’s tweet

Wesa asked: keen to please who? And works for whom? #The_Awqaf’s_Minister_dissmissal

Wesa's tweet
Wesa’s tweet

While Umniah Ahmad republished the player’s tweet, Ahmed Hassan, in which he said:

Ahmed Hassan's tweet
Ahmed Hassan’s tweet

The Awqaf’s Minister


It is reported that at the end of December 2015, Muhammad Mukhtar Juma had been accused of corruption and summoned to investigate the bribery issue of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Pro-regime newspapers, including Al-Youm Al-Sabe ‘and Al-Shorouk, published a decision to remove him from his position and prevent him from traveling.

On the pages of the Sunrise newspaper in 2018, Farid al-Deeb, Mubarak’s lawyer, said: “Salah Hilal,” the former Minister of Agriculture convicted in the media known case as “bribery of the Ministry of Agriculture,” made information against Muhammad Mukhtar Juma, the current Minister of Endowments.

Al-Deeb indicated that there is evidence condemning the Minister of Awqaf, but the regime refused to refer to it or investigate it.

Mohamed Fouda, the main accused in the case and the artist Ghada Abdel Razek’s ex-husband, has revealed that Juma repeatedly receives bribes from him  including:

The costs of Hajj for his daughter and her husband.

An annual Ramadan Iftar for 70 members of the Minister’s family in one of the largest hotels in Cairo.

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