“We pledge to go back to prison”.. The Egyptian detained doctors offer in a letter to help fight Corona

Detained Egyptian doctors turned, in a letter, to both the president of the Federation of Medical Professions Syndicates, and the Egyptian Doctors Syndicate. Asking them to mediate their temporary release. To allow them to work alongside their colleagues in hospitals to confront the Corona virus.

This letter was leaked from a prison, and published on the website “Middle East Eye” yesterday, Monday.

The letter’s content

“You know us and our stances better than anyone when it came to facing crises in Egypt and abroad. Through our syndicates, both general and subsidiary. And our humanitarian committees, we’ve never stood back in any urgent crisis. Even if it were not a medical one.” wrote the doctors.

Adding: “You also know, better than anyone, the extent of scarcity in the required teams numbers and medical staff to fight this epidemic “.

“We, the members of the Medical Syndicate and the supporting staff, send you this request in order to talk in our behalf to those in charge. And ask them to temporarily release us to assist our fellow doctors in their work.” They explained.

They also pledged,in the letter, to “not demand money for their work, nor go to their homes”.

Going on to say: “We’ll reside in the hospitals, other workplaces or in the subsidiary syndicates headquarters”.

vowing to get back to prison, the detained doctors said: “We pledge to return to prison again after this cloud has passed. And we are ready to provide adequate guarantees for that, for the sake of our dear Egypt and its great people.”

The doctors concluded their letter; writing: “May Allah save Egypt and its people. And may He deliver it from this epidemic as soon as possible. Sent by: The detained doctors in Egypt’s prisons.”

The first Doctors letter

It’s worth mentioning that this wasn’t the first time the jailed doctors sent a letter pleading to get released in order to help fight this Corona crisis.

In late march, they sent a letter to the Egyptian security authorities; pleading to be released in order to help face the virus hand in hand with their colleagues.

The doctors asked in this previous letter for urgent decisions to let them free, in an effort to fill the deficit in medical staff to face the deadly epidemic “CoVid-19”, saying: “We want to play the part that our religion, our humanity, our patriotic conscience and the profession’s ethics dictate to us.”


“Batel” campaign

The “Batel” campaign called for the release of more than 1,000 detained public health doctors, who had been arrested by the Egyptian regime, in order to help fight the Corona virus.
The campaign said: “We repeated in the” Batel “campaign that the Egyptian regime must release more than 1,000 doctors and health workers in detention, so that they can play their part in saving the largest possible number of Egyptians.”

The campaign published a list of more than 100 doctors, who are currently detained in Sisi’s prisons, for political reasons. All of which are excellent at their respective fields.

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