Despite the Corona outbreak: Working on national projects is back at 80%

Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud Ramadan, head of the new administrative capital, confirmed that 80% of work is going on in national projects, despite the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid-19”.

This came during a meeting with the delegation of the Housing and Urban Facilities Committee in the House of Representatives.

National projects

Abdul-Maqsoud added that if any worker showed any symptoms, they’ll be examined at a hospital. Indicating that there are two health units inside the capital, and residing working around the clock.

While Imad Saad Hammouda, head of the housing committee in the parliament, praised the Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to return to work on national projects, describing it as “correct.”

He pointed out that the stoppage of work on projects represents a crisis and would’ve led to a recession in the economy.

Workers return

On April 7, international newspapers highlighted the decision to resume work on major national projects and the return of construction workers to their positions in the new administrative capital and the new city of El Alamein, according to The National.

According to the newspaper, the decision to resume work in the construction sector, which employs an estimated 4 million people, came in response to pressure from businessmen in the country, who asked to ease the measures that took place in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

That would confront the government in striking a balance between protecting the economy and minimizing the number of coronavirus-related infections and deaths among 100 million residents.

The newspaper pointed to the hurdles that faces the government in achieving the balance between saving the economy and minimizing as best as possible the number of coronavirus-related infections and deaths among 100 million residents.

The influence of businessmen

“We need the cycle of economics to function, if the economy stops, we will retreat a lot,” said Minister of State for Information, Osama Haikal.
Haikal’s assertions were largely consistent, with comments by billionaire Naguib Sawiris.
Sawiris demanded that the ban not be extended, linking it with the bankruptcy of the state.

He recommended that workers return to work immediately, regardless of the sacrifices. And threatened to commit suicide if the curfew was extended.

The construction tycoon Hussein Sabour also claimed that offering victims among the people is better than the state’s bankruptcy.

Hussein Sabour demanded that the workers be returned to their jobs despite the Corona pandemic, saying: “Return people immediately the work! Some will die, but we will not go bankrupt.”

Suggesting an equation: Let the number of infections rise, and there remains a nation standing on its feet, even if they were fewer. They’d be better off than a nation completely bankrupt that cannot find food the next day.

He demanded to choose between them.

Pointing out that his request to return to work is a necessity. Saying: “There are people who will get sick and people who will die, but the country will live.”

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